A long time ago when I was a newer agent, I had a young couple looking for a home and they had a list of questions.  In my mind, the only stupid question is one that a person has but doesn't ask.  We all start somewhere and the only way to learn is to ask.  One of their questions, amusingly, was "what is a window treatment?"!  As an agent, I knew the answer, which is something that covers your windows.  As somewhat of a failure at actually covering my windows,  I have to admit that short of hiring someone to actually cover my windows, I'm not very good at this.

In the past, heavy drapery and sheers were the way to go.  That's the very distant past.  Nowadays, custom blinds, shades and shutters are probably the way to go.  A lot of my windows are still not covered or covered simply by pull-down shades, just to get something up for privacy in the bedrooms.  I'm not especially gifted in this department.  Window treatments are always on my list, other things usually take precedence.  

When you are selling your home, during showings, it's best to have any draperies open, no sheers, and any blinds or shades drawn all the way up to let as much natural light in as possible.

If you are planning on taking your draperies, it's best to put that in writing in the listing contract AND the agreement of sale.  Although curtains and sheers are considered to be personal property, it's always best to have EVERYTHING spelled out in writing.  Anything actually attached, such as the window hardware (curtain rods) and any shades, shutters or blinds, are considered to be included unless specifically excluded.  If you are planning on taking anything attached, it's actually much better to remove them prior to listing your home.  If the buyer and seller agree after the listing but before all contracts for sale are signed, it's appropriate to spackle and paint once any item is removed.  A buyer wouldn't want to move into a home with holes in the wall.  Please... do not spackle and then not paint.  That's actually worse, in my opinion than doing nothing.  If the buyer and seller agree that this is okay, then that's fine.

Window treatments are subject to personal taste and if you are not planning a move, just be you and enjoy them.  If you are planning a move, meet with me.  I will then introduce you to my stager who will give you all the advice you need to make your home stand out from the competition.

Cover Photo by Danielle Dolson on Unsplash