Zillow review

Finding “just the right home” isn’t always easy – which is why it’s critical to pick the right realtor to help. Susan was exactly that realtor: the right person, who stayed the course with us, until we found exactly the right place. Susan played many roles throughout the 12 months it took to find  our new home:  supporter, sleuth, confidante, consultant. And she managed them all adeptly – because she’s a pro – addressing our every question or concern in short order. If she ever tired of the process, she didn’t let on, all the while helping us uncover what we really wanted in our next home. And when it finally appeared, she showed up as a skillful negotiator and guide to close the deal.  All this to say, where other realtors may show up offering a particular strength, Susan shines by weaving them all into one package. Best of all, we now get to call her “friend.”

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